Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Yay Christmas Eve, Yay stay at home tonight
Quite a long time didn't update my bloggie due to my laziness

Guess what, University going reopen soon at 30th and my result for second semester will be release on 27th. So, I have done nothing during this semester break, fully de-motivated after finished my final test. I have planned to watch movie, eat dinner and deliberately go to Pavillion in order to experience myself the ambience of Christmas. In short, I will solo whole day on tomorrow, no dates, no partner. Anyway, tomorrow will be my very first time involve myself in this sort of gala and awaiting the snow which will start at 8pm in the Pavillion. By the way, Chinese New Year is approaching as well and I got no any feeling on that. Every year, my mom purposely remind me that I am not youngster any more and a teen should be responsible to anything I do, not ego and emotional. Have lived for 20 years but not even one time I buy a gift to myself on birthday, planning to get one for myself on coming birthday, thanks myself, motivate myself and glad myself. In this end of December, hopefully there is a surprise from my result.
Sorry for my poor English and I improve myself. The End.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Result - Last Semester for diploma

Guess what, I got my result and TAR UC system flooded by students, cursor roll and roll and roll and finally I got 1A 2A- 1B with gpa 3.5627. I am not happy, unsatisfied with my result, actually I can achieve higher. Unless you got 3.75 and above, otherwise you still have to Graduate in Merit. Extremely disappointed to myself, I am not showing off or what, seriously down.

Working life in Genting and Degree Life

Had been working for around one month in Genting Reward Gallery Too (GRG). At first I thought Guest Service Assistant (GSA) the position is higher than supervisor, after that only knew that supervisor = GSA. Actually not much to tell here, just have some friendly guys and they are Shirley, Winnie Wong, Joey Beh, Daniel, Hui Fung, Josephyne Liew, Kar Yan, Jia Sin, Phei Shin, Kok Leong, and especially Leon Yap. I found out that Leon Yap totally have no anger and have great sense of humour. Of course, there is still have some unhappy stuffs occurred during work time, dislike ordered by someone with using heavy tone. One more, wondering why most of them broke out so sudden in October and there have something totally out of my expectation too. Joey Beh and Josephyne, both of you deserve better, be tough and keep move on. The very first day after work for 8 hours, I was craving for leave Genting badly. Before leave Genting on 20th, my mood mixed up and of course not willing to leave Genting. Leaved Genting after took my lunch with colleagues at RSC 1.

Degree life started on 21st of October. Bachelor of Internet Technology in Information Security, a new course, new course mates from different background, new assignments groups and new experience. First week past and 6 weeks time to go for prepare our assignments, mid-term test and final test. SO...stay tune for latest news for my next post. hehe

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Genting Highland

Parents and my elder sister went back to home town to visit grandparents and they only free fore few days after mid-autumn festival. Since I have to interview for new job at Genting Highland, so I am not following them. Quite a long time never pay a visit to GH and outdoor theme park has closed for maintenance as well. Well, the time was 9am something when we reached to interviewer's hall and quite a lot of interviewees were ready for the interview session. Finally, we hired and informed 25th September will be the first day of working in there. Visited Starbucks which located nearby Hotel Maxim and got a free grande size drinks which is a redemption for first time of Starbucks's card registration.

So, have to prepare my certificates, 5 copies of NRIC and many things. Most important thing I have to do first is to buy a sweater otherwise I have no idea how to sleep on night. Exhausted, goodnight

Monday, September 16, 2013


Hmmm, how should I start the post? Just informed that have a job on yesterday and the time is 4pm until 1am which locate at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC). Actually this is a brand new experience for me that first time to be a checker which holding UV light to check authenticity of tickets and tear out tear-able parts. What is in my mind first once reached to location? They shown me how poor their event management skills are and event banner never appear outside of the mall. Checker were just busy chatting around and even missed out tickets from few of party poopers, I was like dafuq? Tagger that responsible to tie up wristband on participant's hand simply walk around in the hall and having ludicrous performance in front of them. They smoke, chat, drink alcoholic drinks, flirt around party poopers with sexy outfit, and take charge position of female security to have body check on female. You told me you were from UCSI received tertiary education but don't know how to respect others, just simply take off hat of participants and touch people hair without asking any question? Shame on you, and feel ashamed for my senior supervisor.

Participants were increasing from time-to-time,  majority of the participants were Malay. I was wondering there why were they still bringing their sunglasses although there are no lamps are on, is it will look more cool with swinging their head? Seriously, DJ sucks, staffs sucks, songs sucks. If there has a rating, 2 stars out of 10 will given by me for the rating. The most surprised me there were still have outsiders go to counter to buy tickets though concert still half an hour left to end 。

Primary school friend, Casie Ng is going to leave Malaysia to Aussie. Haha, time flies and 8 years past after standard 6. So, hope wishes will come true and try to achieve the best in future. Good luck xxxxxx.
(x is for kisses and  o for hugs, Facebook friend from UK taught me these :P )

Friday, August 30, 2013

Family and Study

Finally, Diploma life came to an end but still have to wait for my final exam's result then only officially graduate from my diploma course. On 20th of August, I were having one last test on noon session and finished my paper at 4pm sharp. After that, 2 of our programme supervisors came and to have briefing for degree courses and announced the brand new course, Bachelor(Hons) Information Security, have too many students registered for the course, and now they have to filter and make it balance among these courses which are Internet Technology and Information System. For those students that chose Information Security through college's intranet, students with CGPA > 3.0 could stay in the new courses and for those lower than 3 pointer can either choose to continue the current course or one last option, Information System. Fortunately, I'm the one too with cgpa above 3.0 can stay in new courses for coming semester, but just only few of us include 2 of my classmates able proceed to new course offered. You know, that feeling was quite complicated and contradicts with the feeling of happy because have finished the test.

Today, on this after about 4.45pm, my sister was just depart from LCCT airport to Taiwan for complete her dream to be a nutritionist. Hmmm, I think she is going to reach Taiwan soon since that flight take 3-4 hours. Actually LCCT have nothing much special to introduce here, we snapped few photos before my sister departs and I spotted that I myself quite good looking in that family portrait, will upload it soon as my banner's cover *HAHAHAHA. Dear sister, good luck and do your best in your study, keep contact.

What I have planned to complete in holidays? Hehe, I started to build mass on this morning and have to gain more fit. Second, finish my 40 pages of translation work and last, prepare myself in advance before proceed to degree course, Information Security.

*End, Good Night*    

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Post 1

            Still remember that kicks is came so sudden and planned to watch THE CONJURING alone. Once finished my dinner outside, I'm just back home immediately to take a shower get to the Kepong Cinema. I reached there and fortunately, there have just left one seat which is consider upper middle. Hehe, how lucky I were huh on that day. I found my seat, sat on there and just looking around. I were found out that everyone came with pair or number of friends, only I myself just went there alone (perhaps, just guessing around). FEw more minutes later, girls came and few of them sat beside me. HAHAHA, I'm not alone. Overall comment for that movie is consider good, quite scary due to the BASS was too loud.

Okayy, Networking test is around the corner. Have to continue my revision :P  

Friday, August 9, 2013

KLCC Book Fair

okay, is time to update my blogggg :P
hmmm, its first time for me drive to KLCC
not took too long to reach but took time to reach home, haha
quite early and fortunate as well, reached Suria KLCC at 10.08am
why I will know the exact time? (Parking ticket) hehe
Bought an entrance ticket that costed me RM 2.50 and entered English Hall section
quite disappointed because I found no Nick Vujicic's "Unstoppable"
Participated a sharing session from an author, that share his experiences during travel time and etc
Bought his book, "Invite Freedom Home" and got his autograph
Omg, He is sooooooooo nice and impressed by his speeches,
While I were simply walking around, I saw a lots of ladiesssss
Believe those that know me well they know what will going to happens next. HAHAHAHAHA.

*Have to improve my grammar and study a lottttttt.
Going to have my dinner with family soon, Ciao~

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Allianz 1st MidYear Preview

Planned to submit my deferment on today and asked to attend the meeting
which the time started from 1pm to 5pm
During the meeting, some of them motivated me again in order to get closer to my aim
Obviously not in the career but my study.
I had chosen Bachelor Internet Technology (Honours) Information Security the course
So, I am officially upgrade to a Bachelor Degree student after this last semester in Diploma

By the way, I am still have not give up to my aim, which is to be a SAP consultant though I chose Information Security.
Mr. Su, I am waiting you~~~

Saturday, June 8, 2013


few days ago, I'd went to public bank where located at Kepong
Purposely go there for deposit money, register and activate E-banking portal
deposited RM 600, and activated E-banking portal after that.
Incident happened when I reverse my car from parking lot
Rush to home, step on the pedal and speed up the speed of reverse.
"Bang!" sound was heard, Uh-Oh appears in my very first thought.
RM 400 flew in the same day, same place.
Bought a lesson, have to check both side mirrors to double confirmed whether have something blocked or stopped behind the car.

I have had drank an Americano at Ochado Setapak few days ago
Finally I know how to differentiate  between Americano and Long Black
adding water to espresso (espresso on the bottom) -------> Americano
adding espresso to water (espresso on the top) -----------> Long Black
Just according what I tasted after had drank these 2 coffee
Americano is more bitter than Long Black.
Americano is giving a similar strength but different flavour with regular drip coffee
Reminder: never add sugar to these 2 type coffee, otherwise you'll regret because of weird taste.

Have a nice day, night :))

Friday, May 31, 2013

Belated Present

Belated prezzie from Minzy.
nothing special, drive to campus as usual and have jogged 4km
after that, received a parcel after reached home for awhile
quite surprise, thanks Minzy Tan! 
There still have few packs of nutmeg inside the parcel. Favourite snacks :P

Hehe, seriously not me "JUAL MAHAL" as you say
I know that you were joking
But, for me, the main character of someone birthday is not them, is their parent
Wondering why some of them they rather spend whole day with their friends
party, clubs instead of truly appreciate the moment with their parents on that day.

Crocodile watch, awwwhh love it very much :P
Before ome to the end, thanks again
Wish that your parent would pass through that operation smoothly.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


She called me in this afternoon and told me she just bought a present for me
She, an ex-girlfriend of my friend, a very close friend
Hopefully there is no any misconception between all of us.
I am exhausted. Really.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Short Post

 Wishes from Chiaumei babe, the secondary school friend. Awww, feel warm after viewed this message

 Wishes from Joycelynn, she say just know my DOB from instagram. Anyway, thanks :P

Wishes from Pervert Lee, tzehui. Machii from college, he promised me to get me a 82'inch TV if I am still virgin. HAHAHAHAHA

 Wishes from Minzy, thanks and hope you will settle everything soon. Glad to hear good news from you :))

Wishes from Shirley, the one that hardly believe 520 is my birth date. Noobie

Had a great 520, Goodnight <3

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Birthday Eve

Quite a long time didn't compose a new post but just visited few times for nothing.
Birthday eve, just have a little tiny mini nervous
For what? I don't know.
Today only found out that it already passed 516 days. it is so WOW.

I am into final year project lately, nothing much special, get my hand dirty with codes

Just back from dinner and shopping with family, no doubt, I am a short temper guy
I tried to control myself, useless.
Hmmm.. anyway, should sleep earlier  and have classes in the early of the morning.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese New Year and Valentines

My grandpa was past away last year
and, he will never join us again and participate any celebrations
From year to year, am feel that CNY celebration not really vital to me, meaningless
Most of my relatives not coming back to celebrate too since my grandpa past away
what is my pastime during CNY period at hometown?
watch CNY program, drama, movie, ride and drive in a small little mini area.
no doubt, have go nowhere.

Everything has changed, 2 of my very closed cousins is working during CNY period
1 of my cousin married
Relationship between me and 2 of my cousins getting worse from year to year due to busy for working

I've heard from my aunt that my generation inherited diabetes
Am stunned for few seconds while holding a can of Shandy
She explained to me both side of my grandparents were diabetics
I have my word, stop taking too much of soft drinks
will change my eating habits.

Alright, enough for the heavy
Valentine? aihhh...
I was watching drama while they celebrating with their beloved.
Go nowhere, just stay at home
Guess what?
I had never thrown a party for any celebration
So, who'll be the lucky one celebrate with me? :P

Fragile little human
How good if am got unparalleled senses?