Monday, February 27, 2012

Bossy Night-Vertigo

Vertigo nights~!!
rock the Saturday
2 Glenmorangie and 1 Champagne
at last,controlled my self from hangover :))
dance on the dance floor
kicks come out suddenly and whole body starting shake
awesome, but tire...

Monday, February 20, 2012

17th-19th Kuantan

this Friday absent the lecture class
and prepare for go Kuantan with a classmate,Tze Hui
3hrs journey...bore like hell and chit chat all the time
play games, listen music and sleep

knew a lot of new friends
seniors and juniors
learn a lot in their brass band and percussion
oh gosh..they made me wanna join back the marching band
but still thinking should i join Orchestra?
haiya...i wan drum set
i wan drum~~~~~reedom, come back come back

walk at the beach side
the water keep clapping my leg
sooooo warm soooo relax~!!
awwhhhh..i like it....

In the morning
go back to the beach side again
different view at different angles
scenes are tempting and the air very fresh in the morning
there are also have mountain bike competition
that was soooo coooool
maximized their bike like motorbike..AWESOME~!!

leaved Kuantan and take ONE EXPRESS's bus
KL life...GOGOGO  :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Im Sorry

I'm sorry about that i enjoying midnight's life
I'm sorry because enjoying my single life

14th of FEB is Valentines Day
most of the Facebookers are showing their chocs and the flowers
then..i only can show my results in twitter ._.
GPA 3.0~!! LOL...improved alot than the SEM 1
1A 3B 1C
Awesome..but out of my expectation
my target is 3.65

Love,not eternal
3years? 4years? 
At last..there are represent nothing
Life Like A Game 

Found my target in SEM 3
IT Consultant~!!!! Try hard,do the best to achieve the target ^^
Hmmph...Secondary School's gathering held at Vertigo in this coming 25th
Awww Yeah,got a long time didn't hang out dy
okay,lets rock the coming nights :D

Sunday, February 5, 2012


叹气中... =0

跟他们说话 简直让我寿命都短了几年 = =''

朋友 教了我不计较那么多
你们说我随和 没脾气
我想 你们还没见过我大发脾气的时候吧
还好 我也没计较那么多 :D

不是从来没有 是不从来不想做
不是玩不起 是我不接受