Tuesday, September 27, 2011


the meaningless day in tarc
wad a good timing
frens tell me no class while i reached class
waste my time!

after that go pool shop for play awhile
and had lunch near at da pool shop
lepak at TBR like a lonely dog
few minute passed and go to PAPPARICH in tarc
sitted thr around 4hrs and begin da discussion and bla bla bla..
chit chat abt life,future,presentation,homeworks,frens stuff and others
quite excited compare to waste my time in CC @@''
drank 2 cup of white coffee...and nw feel dizzy,sucks!

hope all da best for my future
and smooth all the times....

start new journey nw,and hav a new ending :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


back to office life tis weeks
dunno whr to start my journey
and hav alot of problems about customer's stuff
y i cnt juz press on to my decision??

missed AG seminar today..haizz
full with depressed and melancholy night
actually wad i worry for?
opening songs and stop starring to the phone

still gt 1week to go...fight for my future,fight for the target!

to someone:
           dude,can u appreciate someone who help u to save money,hungry,and asking for additional
           salary to hlp u pay the debt?

haizzz....clubbing night,problem occur until night...bloodyhell!