Monday, July 25, 2011


30th of july coming soon
dunno hw to describe my feeling nw
excited,panic,scaring,eating vinegar,and many many more was these kind of thing??

im noe many senior praise me
hw perfect my leg?
fake ! tis kind of joke...
but some of the praises nice to hear :S
im noe who i am...
i noe hw weak i am
and i noe im nt perfect
i will show hw perfect i am to those idiot,bastard,joker, who lose to me
but still wanna boast himself at thr
despise YOU seriouly~! dun bull shit thr dy

Terengganu,Kemaman !!! goin soon,wait me~~~ :D
tis time geh competition i wan take alot alot of photo with PTA members!
hav 2 times i din enjoyed myself in MSSKL sparring competition
and this time,i wont let myself look like stupid who sit at corner the watching matches !

ya,im stupid
i dunno wad u thinking
i dunno hw to comfort someone
ya, i noe my weakness made me like a stupid kia
ok...if someone juz hate me or angry about those weaksness
just leave from me~~~ya,thats all....

A peacefully day..Sunday that i ever had

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


today was sooooo rush for the time
24 hrs nt enough to use larrrr weeeeeiiiiii :S
start from 7pm gt a extra class for prepare the individual for pattern
the time had passed very fast,thr was 10.30pm after training
today learned alot of theory and oso technique or skill for sparring
hehe,enjoyed the few hrs =S

and nw,12.41am jor.....
goin rest =]

Sunday, July 17, 2011

saturday and sunday

tis 2 days most of my time were spended to her :)
uhmm, quite funny and happy outing with her and her's friends
about the taekwondo training i was feel very excited
tat is bcoz i already mastered my ''front hook'' and ''side kick''
quite shocked while i am used my ''jump front hook'' whn i sparring
i think tat is most deadly skill for me,lukily i din kicked the opponent @@

but the most funny stuff is i kicked someone's ''birdie''
he was squat on the floor and expose pain's expression,im oso nt willing to do that @@
hope tis time's competition wont let me dissapointed and get a medal :D

singk at neway with HER and her's friends
took alot of picture...
2 times of accident ...
3 hrs in k room....
haha,the most vital of outing is FUN!!!!! hehe xD
can i hope the time can stop at today???
it doesn't, except miracles happened :S

uhmm,felt that this time geh outing improved relationship between us <3
the time had passed fast...
I love you,YOU also love me rite?? hehe..

Saturday, July 16, 2011


passed up my math assingment and done my programming by today
hw efficient i am ^^
feel wan vommit since i woke up...

aiya...hard to decide the song for aerobic dance
the team merged and become troublesome n sopthisficated =S
downloaded few video for aerobic,hope it helpful for us :)

later 9am++ will go for undang test
doin exercise now,feel some panic if i din pass the test =S

lolx,thought gt overnight at other frens hostel
still thinking need prepare wad,kinda funny xD

today discuss bout aerobic dance's stuff and forgot the time for programming /.\
lukily juz late for half an hrs :s
hahas...arrrggh~~~say SUCKSSSSSS to BUSY LIFE !!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


nth special for today

im sad coz heard urs tire's sound
dunno y...i was very down at tat moment

today i told mum i will go to Terengganu for sparring competition
i chosen individual and the team sparring
hope i will get a good result and medal =D

whole day face to laptop and watch the drama
quite love tis drama and addicted =S
owh,tat guy so coooooool :D

suddenly, and now my moood very very down,dunnno y too...

goodnite world,goodnite to u~

Thursday, July 7, 2011


hehe,sport attire :D

i reli reli nid a Touch n GO card arrrgh !!!!
and the good news is my mum promise me will register 1 for me :D

today went to GYM workout 1...
oh gosh~!! thr were so mani dumbbell with different weight
dumbbells are displays on the rack, awwwwrrr...feel excited
after finished warm up and the explanation for all the machines,we goin to hav any exercise in 1 hours
yeshhhh~!!!! its time to play around the machines xD

i played 2.5kg dumbells each hand and face to the mirror
and i saw my biceps muscle's shape obviously
awww, im so strong xD
and now, feel wanna to hav a pair of dumbells in my home badly /.\
haha,goin to do research for the dumbells workout xDD

i ran on the jogging machine for 10minutes and ran distance 1.4km @@
after that, i go hav my weight test on the weight machine
the pointer was point at 52.5kg, hw thin i am??? wakakaka
>< i wan 6 pack at my abdomen
i  oso wan hav a beautiful and standard shape at my bicep's muscle :D

errrr...tire now and lazy to think too much for the nonsense =S

yiiii ....><
i cnt stop my mind to think about u now,miss u badly !!!! u saw it??
I LOVE YOU !!! stupid dear <3